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Freedom Day

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Enjoy freedom. Stop being a slave.


Why I reject certain email attachments

I am always disgusted and angry at people who use non-standard, closed, and proprietary formats for the attachments they send me. I have always been quietly deleting their mails along with the attachments. I discovered recently that I am not the only one to do this, and I am not being impolite or harsh or unreasonable.

Here is evidence in support of my campaign to rid the world of such pests::

So, stay away from non-standard, closed, and proprietary formats, if you want me to read your mails fully.



A plane on the rooftop

Two days ago, a plane landed on the rooftop of a house nearby. Thank GOD, it missed the school which was just next door. In Hyderabad, it does not "rain cats and dogs", it rains planes.


The Police, and the emergency services did a brilliant job, and took exceptionally fast action. Thank you.