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Torakichi Akita

Met an amazing person : Mr. Torakichi Akita (Akita, for friends) in Kathmandu, today. Akita is a master practitioner of Sotai and Kai system of Japanese physitherapy. Works magic with his fingers. He also uses his finger for creating another kind of magic. He is a professional pianist. They say, he is the only piano tuner in Nepal. GOD has given this frail old man from Japan, so much of talent. GOD bless him.


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Buddham sharanam gachhami

A memorable day with Buddha, at Swaymbhunath Buddha stupa, just outside Kathmandu. Wonder how Buddha manages to live with so many monkeys around (in both the literal and figurative sense), Is that why the world worships Buddha ?

The largest curios and souvenirs bazaaar

At Basantpur, near Durbar Square of Kathmandu, lies the largest curios and souvenirs bazaaar of Kathmandu. The choice is awesome. Prices are moderate. Bargainig is allowed and encouraged. Vendors are friendly. What more does a tourist want ?

PS : Partha bought a "khukri" for his one month old grand daughter Samviti.

Daddy's day out

Visiting "Durbar Square" of Kathmandu, Partha discovers many lovely ideas and objects. His love for objets d'art dragged him to the curios market at the square.

Ugly teacher, lovely campus

Reaching the height of teaching (literally), Partha is on a hillock (Kathmandu University) which marks the beginning of the Himalayas. Teaching young Nepalis about security, is a paradox by itself. Nepalis (Gorkhas) are famous the world over as security people, guarding the rich and the famous. Now an Indian Professor will teach them a thing or two on how to guard computer based assets.