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Doing the right thing the right way ....

Doing the right thing the right way ....

Just after the NCAR fiasco, I had the opportunity to attend a function arranged by the Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad (AFH). AFH was celebrating its 30th birthday. There was song, music, dance, and mime, interspersed with some short speeches by people who know France, French and AFH. It was all so pleasantly done and organised. The performing artists were in the age group 6 to 26 (about). Every one played his/her tune well. The Band Master , the Director of AFH, had planned it all so well, and orchestrated the event flawlessly. The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner. And every one went back, with the satisfaction of having spent the evening in a worthwhile way.

What a contrast with the other event (NCAR)I saw that morning !

Bravo, et mes felicitations.


Doing the right thing, the wrong way.

I have just come back from a 2-day FOSS event called NCAR2010. This FOSS event, organised by the Free Software Movement of India, and inaugurated by our famous scientist President Honble. Abdul Kalam himself was a place where we were expected to talk and listen about FOSS. The anticlimax came when some of the lecturers found it important to use "Microsoft Power Point", to make their presentations. FOSS admirers like me were naturally shocked and furious to see this double standards. Do we really need Microft tools, to tell us what FOSS is all about ? The organisers of course found it all very acceptable and fine. I complained to the organisers, and left the venue.

When I came back the next day, I was in for more surprise. The lecturers still had their powerless-pointless presentations. The organisers were still blissfully ignorant of this incoherency. I left the venue this time, promising I would never again attend any event promoted by the FSMI. Amen.

The learned lecturers, most of them from reputed academic institutions were dull and bland. They made an absolutely shabby show, making even debutants feel ashamed of their performance. Does no one have any sense of guilt or shame ? I understand that these lecturers were handpicked by the organisers. In addition, there was one institution which dominated and monopolised the entire event. Maybe, the organisers don't see anyone else in the city who knows a thing or two about FOSS.

In short, the show was a big disappointment.

Moral of the story :: If you are looking for some serious FOSS event, NCAR is not the place, and FSMI is not the one who you should trust.



Dusi ... again

I have uploaded the finished version of the Dusi website. Take a look at: Send me your suggestions, if you find something lacking or wrong.

Donations for the temple rejuvenation have started trickling in. I will wait till 15 Dec., and then stop my campaign for collection of donations. Of course, you can still send in your contributions, directly to the "kainkarya sabha" which is actually the prime mover in this project. The address of the "kainkarya sabha" is in the Dusi website mentioned above.


A picture is worth......who says ?

"A picture is worth a thousand words" ....NO. This picture is worth a million words.

The picture summarises the anger and bewilderment of many Indians like me. Our country can host the Olympics for scams and scandals. We had our politicians and bureaucrats swindle the country -- 2G spectrum issue, housing scam in Bombay, Commonwealth Games scam .....etc. etc.

When will this all end ?