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Testing Latex on Blogger...ignore this post

$\LaTeX$, $\frac{1}{2}$, $\mathcal{P}^r(\mathcal{L})$
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A suggestion to Mr. Anna Hazare

Why do you want to starve and torture yourself to get the country to accept the Jan Lokpal Bill which you propose ? Have you not learnt anything ins all theses years ? There is an easy and proven way to get things done in India, just bribe the concerned persons. Remember the episode when our MPs were bribed with crores of Rupees, just a few years ago ? Why not try bribing the MPs again ? They are waiting. It is easy and an accepted procedure.

All the best.


PS: This is my last post for 2011. Whish you all a happy and corruption free India in 2012.


Amazing India

Did you know ? 2 of the 9 beautiful temples of the world, are in my India ::

And, we also have the most expensive house in the world::

Visit India, and see for yourself.


What do they do to babies, In India ?

Baby Dropping Ritual: Solapur, India

Muslims in western India, at Solapur exactly, lining up to drop their babies from a tower with a height of 15 meters.This ritual has been done for over 500 years, and believed to make their child grow healthy and strong.

There is something more weird in Spain. They drop a goat from church roof !

Don't believe this ?

Read, and see the pictures at ::