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One more achievement, by India ....

My other blog (the Professor's blog) speaks of an achievement by an Indian (in USA), which makes us all proud. This blog is about another achievement, by Indians in India, which makes me hang down my head in shame and disgust. The Government of India, has now decided to ask every Indian, his caste, and record it officially. We will thus give an official stamp for the unnatural, unnecessary, uncivilised concept of caste. What about people who do not believe in this concept ? What caste will they call themselves ? Why should they give themselves a caste in any case ? Who cares ?

63 years after we got our independence (we will celebrate our Independence day on 15 August), we still seem to be a "developing country". I was wrong. We are no more a developing country, we are a "regressing country", taking steps to go back to the dark ages, as fast as possible.

Thank GOD, Vinay Deolalikar, Chandrasekhar and Amartya Sen are not living in India.



Shame of India ....more

First it was the Chairman of AICTE, the apex body which supervises technical education in India.
Then it was the Chairman of the Medical Council of India, the apex body which supervises medical education in India. And now, it is a Director General of Police, who is in jail, for molesting a young girl and harassing her family.

The only thing we are good at is in letting these criminals flourish for several years, and then nab them. Never mind the irreparable damage they have done.


Shame of india ... again

This time it is a HUGE scandal concerning the Commonwealth Games, to be held shortly in India. The swindlers' list includes top politicians, bureaucrats and sportsmen. We are making a shameless donkey of ourselves in the international arena. When we learn to behave more respectably ?



Vive le progres....

Let us keep parents happy. Send them a tweet, or an email greeting. Dont have to waste your time calling them up or visiting them or holding their hands while they fumble around, all alone.

We are all very busy, aren't we ? We have so many more important things to do, don't we ?


PS Mr Subhani, the cartoonist who drew this cartoon lives close to my place, in the same neighbourhood. Congrats, and well said, Mr. Subhani.


Why ?

Why don’t people stop and smell the roses ?

Why don’t people applaud a singing bird ?

Why don’t people appreciate a good job done ?

Why don’t people stop grumbling that this life is so terrible ?

Added by Partha .......

Why don't people answer mails ?

Why don't people read and respond to blogs by well-intentioned people ?

The journey

It is the journey that counts,
Not the destination

How well you travelled in life, means more than
How far you travelled

Life is not the grave at the end of the journey
It is the flowers and thorns along the way

You can choose to reach the grave faster
or, you can stop and smell the flowers along the way

The question is not how far you went
But how well you travelled