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What I dont want, and what I want .....

I don't want to be rich.
I don't want to be famous.
I don't want to be powerful.
I want to be useful,
to the poor, the weak, the hungry, the ignorant, the lonely.
So, help me GOD !



Saluting a blessing

Saluting a blessing

She walks with me, when life takes me uphill or pushes me downhill
She smiles at me when I yell at her or fight with her
She picked me up and kissed me, when the world threw me like a piece of used toilet paper
She knows without my telling her, when I am hungry
She knows how I feel when I am broke
She is the best thing which happened to me

Thank you, and Happy Birthday Prema !



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Walking into history

It was a memorable week at Krakow, Poland for me and Prema. It was like walking back in history to a country whose people have suffered the worst of atrocities. We saw the real face of culture and hospitality. We covered most of this city, with my host Prof. Krzystof Cetnarowicz. We enjoyed the best of vegetarian food. We rode a tethered helium balloon (for the first time in my life).



One more farce on us Indians

Kasab, the terrorist who gunned down so many in broad daylight in Mumbai, and was caught redhanded by our brave policemen, has confessed his guilt in an open court. This should normally lead to his execution in any country which has an iota of self-pride in it. We are still far from all that.

Remember, how we treat Mohd. Afzal, who gunned many outside our Indian Parliament. This was an attack on the democratic republic of india. Usually a crime like this would be considered high treason, and would see the execution of the culprit. Several years later, Afzal is still treated as our honoured guest, at the expense of the honest and innocent Indian taxpayer (me included). Maybe Kasab will become the room-mate of Afzal and laugh at our system from behind the bars. Forget the tears and anger of those who lost their near and dear ones, in these ghastly crimes.

Our tiny neighbour SriLanka has done much better than us.



Living after death

Death is an inevitable part of life. But you can live after your death.

I am a member of MOHAN Foundation (Multiple Organ HArvesting Network). This is an Indian, voluntary, and not-for-profit organisation, which promotes organ transplants from cadavers. Their website is ::

Maybe you should also pledge your body, for organ transplants after your death.

I have also pledged my eyes to the eye bank of India. This is their website ::

What gift can we give to a blind person, more precious than eye sight ?

Learn about organ donations by visiting the above sites. Or ask me, if you need any more info.

Pass on this message to as many people as you can.




Beware of incompetent and irresponsible bankers

Beware of AXIS Bank

Illegal, irresponsible, fraudulent actions by the bank, can put you in serious trouble unless you protest promptly and take adequate precautions.

Read the full story at:

Save yourself from serious problems. Stay away from unscrupulous bankers.

Inform and alert all your friends (and enemies).



Come September

My daughter, Prayathna, will be getting married on 6th
Sept. 2009 at Hyderabad. Please
reserve this date, and please attend the function and
bless the couple.

A formal invitiation will follow soon (pls. let me know,
if you dont receive it within a reasinable time). This
is an advance invitation, for you to make travel
arrangmenets etc.

With best regards,

partha & prema


Peace on earth

Today, we saw the picture of the dead Velupillai Prabhakaran, the person who led peace loving Tamilians (like me) to a 30 year inferno of terror and death. Like all such terrorists, his own life ended with bullets showered on him (just the way he did to so many others). His meaningless struggle not only ruined the lives of so many people, it brought down the economy and peace of a serene and peaceful nation called Sri Lanka. He orchestrated the gruesome murder of the Prime Minister of a neighbouring country (mine). Terrorism, guns, and bombs are not solutions for problems. Sri lanka has finally put an end to the cancer called terrorism. Sri Lanka is perhaps the first nation in the world to end terrorism such decisively.

Congrats, to the Government, and the people of Sri lanka. May all other countries who suffer terrorism, be as successful as Sri Lanka.




One more farce on the nation

Our country has recently gone through the marathon called general elections. Yet another mega farce on the nation. the same old bunch of crooks and hypocrites come back to the Parliament. Same old scandals, mudslinging, and nation-swindling will go on for another five years. We will continue to be a "developing" third-world country for another five years.

GOD save this country.