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One more farce on us Indians

Kasab, the terrorist who gunned down so many in broad daylight in Mumbai, and was caught redhanded by our brave policemen, has confessed his guilt in an open court. This should normally lead to his execution in any country which has an iota of self-pride in it. We are still far from all that.

Remember, how we treat Mohd. Afzal, who gunned many outside our Indian Parliament. This was an attack on the democratic republic of india. Usually a crime like this would be considered high treason, and would see the execution of the culprit. Several years later, Afzal is still treated as our honoured guest, at the expense of the honest and innocent Indian taxpayer (me included). Maybe Kasab will become the room-mate of Afzal and laugh at our system from behind the bars. Forget the tears and anger of those who lost their near and dear ones, in these ghastly crimes.

Our tiny neighbour SriLanka has done much better than us.

Also see : The Sri Lankan tragedy.


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