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A suggestion to Mr. Anna Hazare

Why do you want to starve and torture yourself to get the country to accept the Jan Lokpal Bill which you propose ? Have you not learnt anything ins all theses years ? There is an easy and proven way to get things done in India, just bribe the concerned persons. Remember the episode when our MPs were bribed with crores of Rupees, just a few years ago ? Why not try bribing the MPs again ? They are waiting. It is easy and an accepted procedure.

All the best.


PS: This is my last post for 2011. Whish you all a happy and corruption free India in 2012.


Amazing India

Did you know ? 2 of the 9 beautiful temples of the world, are in my India ::

And, we also have the most expensive house in the world::

Visit India, and see for yourself.


What do they do to babies, In India ?

Baby Dropping Ritual: Solapur, India

Muslims in western India, at Solapur exactly, lining up to drop their babies from a tower with a height of 15 meters.This ritual has been done for over 500 years, and believed to make their child grow healthy and strong.

There is something more weird in Spain. They drop a goat from church roof !

Don't believe this ?

Read, and see the pictures at ::


Torakichi Akita

Met an amazing person : Mr. Torakichi Akita (Akita, for friends) in Kathmandu, today. Akita is a master practitioner of Sotai and Kai system of Japanese physitherapy. Works magic with his fingers. He also uses his finger for creating another kind of magic. He is a professional pianist. They say, he is the only piano tuner in Nepal. GOD has given this frail old man from Japan, so much of talent. GOD bless him.


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Buddham sharanam gachhami

A memorable day with Buddha, at Swaymbhunath Buddha stupa, just outside Kathmandu. Wonder how Buddha manages to live with so many monkeys around (in both the literal and figurative sense), Is that why the world worships Buddha ?

The largest curios and souvenirs bazaaar

At Basantpur, near Durbar Square of Kathmandu, lies the largest curios and souvenirs bazaaar of Kathmandu. The choice is awesome. Prices are moderate. Bargainig is allowed and encouraged. Vendors are friendly. What more does a tourist want ?

PS : Partha bought a "khukri" for his one month old grand daughter Samviti.

Daddy's day out

Visiting "Durbar Square" of Kathmandu, Partha discovers many lovely ideas and objects. His love for objets d'art dragged him to the curios market at the square.

Ugly teacher, lovely campus

Reaching the height of teaching (literally), Partha is on a hillock (Kathmandu University) which marks the beginning of the Himalayas. Teaching young Nepalis about security, is a paradox by itself. Nepalis (Gorkhas) are famous the world over as security people, guarding the rich and the famous. Now an Indian Professor will teach them a thing or two on how to guard computer based assets.



"My first (1) child was born on July (7) twentyninth (29)"

1729 happens to be a famous number (Ramanujan Hardy number). Read about this number :: (link)

The beauty of mathematics is that there is so much to discover in it.




End of a generation

Bhavani chithy (aka Pankaja chithy), my aunt and mentor, left this earth yesterday. She was 80. Her body has been donated to a medical college. She was the fifth amongst six siblings, and the last one to leave. This marks the end of mom's generation. May she find peace in the eternal world where she has gone.


The pot calling the kettle black.....

Cornered by a lone crusader, the current Congress party has done just what all criminals and crooks do. It tries to wriggle out by calling Anna Hazare a corrupt preson ! Let's see who is talking : friends, promoters and accomplices of A Raja, Kalmadi, Kanimozhi et al. Let us cheer and applaud our learned Prime Minister for his brave and futile stand ! Let us see how lomg he will stand the noise generated by Anna Hazare and his supporters. Reminds me of the way the Britishers faced Gandhi's QUIT INDIA movement and eventually got deported unceremoniously. But, let us hope our Anna is not given the fate which they gave to Gandhi. Cornered and caught criminals can go to any extent. Please take care Anna sahib. We need you.



Who says Prabhakaran is dead ?

V. Prabhakaran, noted terrorist, crippled life in Sri Lanka for 30 years, and was finally shot dead. His ghost has appeared in the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh, killing his own people, paralysing life, threatening innocent citizens, and crippling the state. All for an unsustainable claim like that of VP -- fragmenting a sovereign country. When will he get the fate VP got ?



Skype spiked

I regret to announce the death of Skype, ever since it got infected by a cancer called Microsoft.

I have deleted my Skype account.



Meet my best friend.....Nobody

Nobody knows who I am
Nobody cares for what I do
Nobody bothers about me
Nobody understands how I feel
Nobody wants me around
Nobody walks with me while I cross the desert
Nobody stands by me when I face the storm
Nobody thinks that I am his friend
Nobody cares if I am dead or alive
Nobody will bring flowers to my grave

PS : Nobody reads such lamentable blogs


The learning never stops....

Learning is endless. My next target is Malayalam, the language of Kerala, a lovely state in the southwestern part of India.

In fact the Malayalam script is very close to Tamil script (my mother tongue), so I guess things should not be difficult for me.

Notice that the word "malayalam" is a palindrome !

Wish me good luck.



For lovrs of classical music

Lovers of classical music played on thr piano, will love this gold mine of free downloadable mp3 recordings:::

The mp3 files are neatly classified under :: composer names, and artist (pianist) names.

No unnecessary registration and such nonsense.




Dusi samprokshanam

The ancient temple at Dusi, my village, is now being renovated. The "samprokshaanam" will be held on 24 march, about a month from today. Here is the formal invitation ::

To know more about Dusi, visit::



The scariest day of my life !

I remember the scariest day in my life which happened this same day, 31 years ago (2 Feb. 1980).

A young researcher, in an alien land, had to face a jury of highly competent Professors, in an open interrogation. The entire process, done in a foreign tongue, watched by more than a hundred people, was to decide the worth of more than three years of hard work. The result changed my life altogether. Not only was Partha crowned as "Dr. Partha", the jury gave an overwhelming approval for Partha's work, by awarding it a very high rating.

Thank you dear France, for making me what I am today.