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Peace on earth

Today, we saw the picture of the dead Velupillai Prabhakaran, the person who led peace loving Tamilians (like me) to a 30 year inferno of terror and death. Like all such terrorists, his own life ended with bullets showered on him (just the way he did to so many others). His meaningless struggle not only ruined the lives of so many people, it brought down the economy and peace of a serene and peaceful nation called Sri Lanka. He orchestrated the gruesome murder of the Prime Minister of a neighbouring country (mine). Terrorism, guns, and bombs are not solutions for problems. Sri lanka has finally put an end to the cancer called terrorism. Sri Lanka is perhaps the first nation in the world to end terrorism such decisively.

Congrats, to the Government, and the people of Sri lanka. May all other countries who suffer terrorism, be as successful as Sri Lanka.



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