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Doing the right thing the right way ....

Doing the right thing the right way ....

Just after the NCAR fiasco, I had the opportunity to attend a function arranged by the Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad (AFH). AFH was celebrating its 30th birthday. There was song, music, dance, and mime, interspersed with some short speeches by people who know France, French and AFH. It was all so pleasantly done and organised. The performing artists were in the age group 6 to 26 (about). Every one played his/her tune well. The Band Master , the Director of AFH, had planned it all so well, and orchestrated the event flawlessly. The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner. And every one went back, with the satisfaction of having spent the evening in a worthwhile way.

What a contrast with the other event (NCAR)I saw that morning !

Bravo, et mes felicitations.


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