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7 / 2012 The Srilankan Tragedy

I saw recently a video film about the Sri Lankan civil war "The killing fields" made by Channel 4. It was a pathetic and desperate evidence of how cruel, man can be, in times of war. No one supports or applauds the Governmentof Sri Lanka for what is reported in this (and other video documentaries). YES it was an inhuman and most uncivilised act. But, let us look at the whole picture. For 26 years , one man, made a mess of a serene and peaceful country. He used his own tribe (Tamil speaking SriLankans), as ammunition against the very country he lived in. He fought like a coward, hiding behind women and children. The list of assasinations and murders he organised, is given in wikipedia ::

Topping this list is the Prime Minister of my country.

He used innocent civilans, women and children, as a human shield, knowing fully well the consequences of his cowardly and reckless act.

He held his own people hostage in their own homeland

Flushing him out of his hideout, needed some ruthless action. Unfortunately, many innocent lives were lost in a cruel and painful way.

If Channel 4 has any sense of fairplay, and honesty, it should also make public, video footage of all that happened in the 26 years of insane civil war, organised by an insane man.

Here is a lesson for my own country where some selfish and greedy politicians are claiming fame and power, based on their quest for "greater autonomy and independence". Hope my Government, run by equally greedy and selfish politicians, will have the courage to give these separatists, the treatment which SriLanka gave to their terrorist separatist V Prabhakaran.

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